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An Access Guide to this website and the Museum

We are committed to improving access in the long term, so it is hoped that some of the barriers to access outlined in this guide will have been removed in the near future.

Different formats:
If you would like this information in any other format such as Braille, please contact us on 01603 493625 or text phone 01603 222444.
An access guide to all the Norwich Museums is in printed format, audiocassette and CD.   Please contact us to request a copy.

The Museum Entrance:
The Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum has an Overall Access Rating of : 2.
(1 - poor, 5 - very good)
There is level access throughout the ground floor of the museum, with opportunities to handle objects and listen to audio recordings.
There is level even access through the front doors to the museum, although part of the pavement on the route from Castle Meadow is an uneven cobbled surface. The double glass entrance doors are set back into the doorway, and are not automatic.   The doors are quite heavy, but a member of staff is always based the other side of the doors at the reception desk, and so will help if you are unable to open them. Once through the doors, the reception desk is on the right hand side.   This is where you can buy your tickets, buy items from the shop or just make enquiries. There is an induction loop.

Entrance via the Castle Museum:
An alternative entrance for fully mobile users is through the Castle Museum.   Leaving via , the mammal gallery there is a steep and uneven spiral staircase.   Please ask staff in the Castle Museum for assistance on the day if you are unsure whether or not to use this route.

Access throughout the Building:
The Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum is situated on three storeys of the North wing of Shirehall, and occupies what was originally the Crown Court Room for Norwich.   The museum tells the story of the Regiment through the personal experience of the soldiers.

      • Assistance dogs are welcome.   Water will be provided on request.
      • The floor is level throughout the ground floor of the building.
      • The trench experience is not accessible for wheelchair users.
      • Museum Interpreter staff are based in most galleries, and can be identified by their blue uniforms and name badges.   Do not hesitate to ask for their assistance.
      • There are two sets of fairly wide stairs between the ground and first floors of the museum with handrails on either side.
      • There is a stair lift.
      • There are hands-on interactives and sensory experiences throughout the museum displays.
      • Lighting throughout the museum is quite dim, although the main reception area is well lit.
      • There is audio commentary to the video footage, but no BSL.
      • There is no audio guide but the gallery interpreter on duty can provide a tour. The majority of labels and information are in written form only.
      • The Museum can offer opportunities for handling objects by appointment.   For more information please contact us in advance.
      • There are no toilets in the building.   The nearest public toilets and accessible toilet are in Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery
      • There is an induction loop at the reception desk and a portable one for use in the gallery.
      • There are no refreshment facilities for members of the public in the building.   The nearest shops and cafes are on nearby Castle Meadow or in Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery.  
      • The Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum is sometimes popular with school groups during the term time.   If you would prefer a quieter time to visit, please contact our general enquiries desk on 01603 493625.  


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