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Site Help and Accessibility

Access keys
Access keys allow you to move around the main areas of the site without using a mouse.

Use the keys below in combination with the ALT key for Windows and the Control key for Mac to move to the corresponding link and then press the Return key to activate the link.

1= Top of page
A = Home
B = Planning a Visit
C = Regimental History
D = The Collection
E = Education
F = Contact Us

You can also use the TAB key to move through the links and form controls on the page. Depending on the browser you are using, these may work differently or may not work at all.

Click-through links:
All the links on this site, internal or external, open in the same window unless otherwise stated. Depending on your browser, you can use the options available to open links in new window.

Internet Explorer: Right-click -> Open in New Window
Netscape: Right-click -> Open Link in New Window

Text size:
Most browsers allow you to change the text size when relative sizing is used. Use this option to increase/decrease the text size on the page.

Internet Explorer: View -> Text size
Netscape: View -> Text zoom

Colours and contrast:
Most browsers have options for changing the colour options.
Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet options -> Colours
Netscape: Edit -> Preferences -> Colours
other wise we have a high contrast text version click here

You can also use the accessibility options of your browser to change display options and to disable stylesheets.

File formats:
Adobe PDF document icon image PDF - stands for Portable Document Format. It is a popular way of making downloadable documents available on the web.
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files, which you can download for free at
Adobe Acrobat documents can be converted to plain text documents using Adobe PDF Conversion by Simple Form.The latest version of Acrobat Reader (version 6) has a Read Out Loud facility, which can be found under the View menu.

We have taken great care in making this site accessible to the widest possible audience and tested these pages on different platforms using different versions of most commonly used browsers.
For best experience use the latest version of your preferred browser at 1024x768 or higher screen resolution.

Java script:
We have made a conscious decision to avoid using Java script on this site.

This site does not make use of cookies. No information is written/transmitted to or from your computer.


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