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National Service

During the Second World War men were called up for military service. After the War, conscription continued as ‘National Service’.

British soldiers were involved in 57 campaigns and battles from 1945 until 1963 when the last of the 1.5 million National Servicemen left the Army.

For most 18 year olds it was their first time away from home alone. They had to mix with men with different accents and from other social classes. The ‘short back and sides’ haircut, uniform and discipline came as a shock to a lot of them.
Some men thought it was a complete waste of time and hated it. Others went on to sign on as regular soldiers. Nearly all can still remember their Army number and the experience has remained with them through their lives.

Since National Service was stopped in 1962, there have been significant changes in Berlin, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Korea, just four of the areas where many of our veterans saw service.

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