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Hong Kong & The New Territories

After the 2nd World War there was concern that China might take over the island of Hong Kong so there was a strong British military presence on the island and in the New Territories. These were lands on the edge of the Chinese mainland, taken over in the 19th Century.

The 1st Bn, Royal Norfolk Regiment was withdrawn from Korea to Hong Kong and the New Territories in September 1952 and remained there for two years.

During this time they prepared defensive positions along the frontier with China and trained drafts of men from other regiments destined for Korea. There was real concern about the possibility of a Chinese invasion.

This city began as a trading port and was leased by China to Britain for 100 years and leased as an independent territory of the UK. Sovereignty was transferred back to the People’s Republic of China in 1991. Today Hong Kong is known predominantly for being a centre of banking and financial businesses and has moved away from manufacturing. It is a cultural city that amalgamates east and west.

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