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Edith Cavell

There is a display about Edith Cavell at the Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum. The items shown on the following pages are all on display. Edith Cavell was a local girl and helped a number of Norfolk Regiment soldiers. After her death in 1915, she became a famous figure and there is still much interest in her today.

bullet point Edith Cavell
bullet pointThe Early Years of Edith Cavell
bullet pointEarly Nursing Years
bullet pointWork in Belgium
bullet pointWar Time Activities
bullet pointWho Needed To Escape?
bullet pointWhy Was Edith Cavell Shot?
bullet pointWas Edith Cavell Also A Spy?
bullet pointPROPAGANDA
bullet pointEdith's Death and Army Recruitment
bullet pointEdith’s Character and Motivations
bullet point Edith Cavell Commemorated
bullet point Edith Cavell And The Royal Norfolk Regiment
bullet point Films, Plays, Poems & Songs
bullet point The Collection
bullet point Medals
bullet point The Regiment in The First World War
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