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Edith Cavell And The Royal Norfolk Regiment

In 1947 an anonymous donor presented the Royal Norfolk Regiment with six drums and six silver bugles in memory of Edith Cavell.

Lt-Col Peter Barclay wrote:

‘On behalf of the 1st Bn the Royal Norfolk Regiment, I hereby formally and most gratefully accept these twelve magnificent instruments. They will be held on trust by the Battalion as regimental property in commemoration of Edith Cavell, in honour of whom they are presented. A special Memorial and Dedication service will be held when these instruments reach the battalion, and in future, annually on the anniversary of Edith Cavell’s death.

The Battalion will always do its utmost to uphold the courage and example displayed by Edith Cavell of whom these splendid instruments will be a lasting token.’

Buglers of the Regiment sounding the Last Post over the grave of Edith Cavell at Norwich Cathedral, 1919.

The Regiment provided the pall-bearers for the funeral at Norwich Cathedral in 1919. One of these was Sgt Tunmore, who was assisted by Edith in 1914.

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