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Over the years the story of Edith Cavell has been recalled in a number of Films. The earliest of these was made in 1918 ‘The Woman the Germans Shot’ Directed by John G Adolfi staring Julia Archer as Edith.

The following year ‘The Great Victory, Wilson or the Kaiser?’ was produced, directed by Charles Miller and starring Margaret McWade as Edith. This was also released as ‘Why Germany Must Pay’ and ‘The rise of the Hohenzollerns’. Both these were American productions.

Most famous was ‘Dawn’ made in 1928 directed by Herbert Wilcox and starring Sybil Thorndike. It was her first full-length feature film. Based on a book of the same name. It was an extremely controversial film and initially was not given a certificate for release. Chamberlain, in the House of Commons denounced it as ‘an outrage on a noble woman’s memory’ others felt that it would offend Germany. Bernard Shaw argued against the critics ‘you have a most moving and impressive incarnation of a heroine by your greatest tragic actress, whose dignity keeps the whole story on the highest plane. ‘ Eventually a certificate was given on condition that some of the proceeds would go to charity.

In 1939 Herbert Wilcox returned to the theme and directed ‘Nurse Edith Cavell’ starring Anna Neagle. The camera work, with soft focus, often lends her a saintly character reminiscent of the posthumous portraits made soon after her death.

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