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Edith Cavell Commemorated

There was international outrage at the execution of Edith Cavell. This was largely centred on the fact that she was a woman and a nurse – often seen as the profession most clearly linked with feminine virtues. The German authorities, surprised at the impact that her execution had, were angered by the outcry. An article in Koelnsche Zeitung two weeks after Edith’s death, argued that it reflected a condescending attitude towards women elsewhere.

There are reports of commemorations as far apart as Petrograd, Lisbon and New York. Flowers, boats even a racehorse and a train have been named after her. Canada named a mountain ‘Mount Edith Cavell’.

There are memorials around the world. Edith Cavell’s mother expressed a wish that memorials should be associated with charitable work, rather than statues. Hence there are a number of hospitals and schools. In New Zealand, the town of Dunedin raised money for an ambulance, the first in the area, and named it after her.

In 1918 a memorial statue was unveiled in Norwich by Queen Alexandra. At the same time she opened a home for District Nurses named after Edith. In 2006 a new building for the UEA School of Nursing & Midwifery, was opened, at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital and is named after her.

Edith Cavell is buried outside Norwich Cathedral. There is a short commemorative service at her graveside on August 13th every year.

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